Friday, 7 September 2012

Its Finished Object Friday and here is mine! Its my King Cole Riot Cowl. Please see previous blog post for more info about how it was made. I tried to take a photo of me wearing it too. Its sooo warm and snuggly.

Other news is that I have started my Art and Design Access course this week at the local college. It was a great first day but my goodness - so exhausting. When you feel you need to really concentrate on all the important information its really wears you out! However I met the other students and they are all lovely and we got to see our studio area and explore the supplies cupboard which was full of amazing things like, charcoal, paints, drawing inks, papers, glues, textiles............. It was like walking into heaven.

In preparation for the course they said they would like us to make a sketch book of work over the summer and note any ideas or inspirational things we come across along the way. As part of this journey my mother and I went out one morning and went to visit the John Leech Gallery. John Leech himself is an excellent potter and you can see his work on the website here.

They are holding an open day this weekend on Saturday 8th September, if you live nearby or are on holiday here then I really recommend that you pop along and see how they work, its just fascinating and Nick and John are so friendly.

At the end of my first day at college they set us our first assigment. We have to make a black and white, colour or mixed media drawing on a postcard which responds to the title: 'A meal, snack or a plate of food'. Then send the postcard to the person next to you. They can then make any sensitive additions and then post it back to the teacher. 
 As you can see I decided to paint a picture of that British favourite 'fish and chips'. I then cut out some newspaper as it is traditionally wrapped in and glued that as my background and stuck my painting over the top. I am now wondering what the man next to me is going to add, maybe a splash of tomato ketchup or tartare sauce or maybe a slice of lemon?..... we'll have to wait and find out......
Finally, back to yarny matters. I caved in again when I was in the charity shop with my mum and I spotted this lone ball of wool. I loved the colours but I was expecting it to feel a bit man made and scratchy at first glance. But no, it was soft and is made of 50% wool so the question now is, what should I make with it......hum.....any ideas?


  1. I love the color of your cowl, it turned out really nice. And wow! that is such an amazing painting! I love the newspaper it makes the chips look almost real.

  2. The fish and chips are jumping out at me, fantastic! Congratulations on signing up for the are so creative, and manage to fit in so much! Fiona x

  3. Those chips look yummy. You have such talent.

  4. I love the gradient coloring in the cowl. It looks like it's going to be a great accessory for the upcoming fall/winter season!

  5. Wow, you've been busy! I love the cowl and your fish and chips picture is fab. Maybe he'll add mushy peas?